Marit Stiles MPP, Davenport

Government of Ontario

Free Menstrual Products in Schools

Menstruation is a normal, biological function experienced by half the population.

Yet, for too many students here in Ontario, a lack of access to menstrual products can lead to embarrassment, shame and missed days at school.

Surveys have shown that 34% of menstruators have had difficulty affording menstrual products, and social attitudes and gender discrimination too often force young people to hide their menstrual products or lie about having their period.

For these reasons, the government of British Columbia has moved to ensure all students can access free menstrual products in schools. Closer to home, the Waterloo Region District School Board has announced it will do the same - recognizing the real problem of “period poverty.”

That's why I tabled a motion in the legislature to tackle these issues, one that calls on the Government of Ontario to provide free menstrual products in school washrooms.

Join us to help put an end to the stigma and shame surrounding menstruation, and to support student health and wellbeing here in Ontario.