Marit Stiles MPP for Davenport

Government of Ontario

BWXT Uranium Processing Facility

BWXT Canada, the company that operates a uranium processing plant at Landsowne and Dupont, has applied to renew their operating license through the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, a federal regulatory agency. 

I have been working with our federal MP to ensure that residents have every opportunity to participate in the hearing and to learn more about the facility’s operations, and have heard concerns from residents in correspondence, in meetings and on their doorsteps.

In November 2019, I wrote to the President of the CNSC to request that the hearing be moved from their original North Toronto location to a space in our community.

Information Session - January 2020

The CNSC held a "Meet the Regulator" session to share information about the licensing application on Wednesday, January 22 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Casa de Madeira (1621 Dupont Street). My staff and I attended to hear from CNSC staff, BWXT Canada and concerned residents.

CNSC Licensing Hearings - March 2020

Licensing hearings were held on Monday March 2 and Tuesday March 3, 2020 at Casa do Alentejo (1130 Dupont Street). Transcriptions of the full hearing will be available online on the CNSC website two weeks after they conclude.

On March 3, I presented at the hearings to share what I've heard from community members about the facility. In my remarks I raised the following concerns:

  • The lack of awareness of the facility and its health, safety, environmental protection measures.
  • The real fear that some in the community feel about the impact the facility has on their family and health.
  • The failure of BWXT to engage and inform residents living closest to the facility in ways that reach them.
  • That many of the same concerns that emerged during the last licensing application were brought up again by residents this time around.
  • That the 10-year license proposed is too long, given the changing nature of the neighbourhood.

In my remarks I made it clear that local residents shouldn't bear the responsibility of finding out information about the facility, and that the onus is on the company and the regulator to ensure that residents have everything they need in order to feel safe and confident in their community. 

I also encouraged the company to release its third-party verified environmental monitoring in real time, to the public.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to share their views with me on this matter and all those who took time to make a presentation at the hearings. 

CNSC Decision

Following the hearings, the Commission announced its decision to renew the nuclear fuel facility licence held by BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. (BWXT) in Toronto and Peterborough. By way of a majority decision, the Commission also decided to authorize the commercial production of fuel pellets at BWXT’s Peterborough facility, with one member dissenting on this issue. BWXT will be allowed to produce fuel pellets at only one of its facilities at any time. 

Read the news release here.